Malibu has transitioned into full Summer madness mode. Roads are clogged. Parking lots are full of the vehicles of beachgoers who are shoulder to shoulder on all the beaches. Retail establishments are trying to adapt with curb service sales. The grocery stores are striving to have the shoppers comply with the mask protocols but I’m still seeing tee shirts pulled up over the mouth region and others pocketing their masks as soon as they get inside. The Sheriff’s Deputies assigned to Malibu are visibly present in the City and working very hard to avoid touching off any kind of an incident.

A few hours ago hours ago on Monday the 25th Governor Newsom announced that retail establishments may be able to reopen using the same protocols as are currently in place at the markets and Costco. I expect the County Supervisors and the LA City Council will soon vote on whether they think LA is ready. I would imagine the Malibu City Council meeting on Tuesday May 26, 2020 will have some discussion as to whether we will also follow the Governor’s lead, although it is not an agendized item.

On Sunday the 24th there were around 960 new cases of Covid 19 in Los Angeles County. On Monday May 25th there were only 933 new cases. Have we finally peaked and turned the corner? Will we be able to continue the daily reductions in the numbers of new cases? I certainly hope so.

This is a week of progress on the water line replacement for the lower Encinal area. During this week, Waterworks District #29 will be hooking up the houses on the new 10 inch main and preparing for installation of the next two branches that will complete the pipe project. Construction of the new larger tank is still in the future.

We have also seen progress on the permitting of rebuilds. So far, the Planning Department has approved 240 Single Family residences and has another 7 in progress. 101 Single Family building permits have been issued to date. Only 2 homes have passed their final inspection according to the City’s website.

On the multifamily side of the ledger, the 12 Malibu Gardens units lost in the fire above the intersection of Kanan and PCH are fully permitted and currently under construction. There are another 12 units close behind in permitting on Tapia off of Trancas although they have to make an appearance in front of the Planning Commission for some reason.

The City Council has scheduled a discussion about the fire rebuild permit fee waiver program which is currently set to expire at the end of June.The item is agendized for their May 26th meeting. The meeting is after my deadline for this column but I am hopeful they will find the money to extend the program a little longer.